Mistaking Glass for Skin

Cover image for Mistaking Glass for Skin

Mistaking Glass for Skin


Design & Development: Katharina Nejdl

Editorial Team: Chris Möller, Victor Kümel, Sophia Rohwetter

Writers: Christiane Heidrich, Maru Mushtrieva, Hannah Schraven, Ralph Tharayil, Jasmine Vojdani

Issue launch in cooperation with HKW Berlin, together with Bryana Fritz, Maru Mushtrieva, Hannah Schraven and Ralph Tharayi.

A careful scratching, and text appears. The action is soft, giving in beneath the steps.A quiet scratching. And there, through the finger’s surface, the text writes itself. We type in the dark, leaving streaks as we speak. Mistaking skin for glass.

Here our gaze meets text and encounters frosted glass, and then, the image sharpens. Again becoming still. We breathe against the glass. We mark a point: there is only the we that makes itself happen we take turns holding the phone it lights up in our midst. Sentences touch where their words fall into one. Everything we touch becomes text. Try starting from depicting the word ‘reality’ with a pantomime.

The new issue Mistaking Glass for Skin brings together five interactive texts that can touch and be touched. With contributions by Christiane Heidrich, Maru Mushtrieva, Hannah Schraven, Ralph Tharayil and Jasmine Vojdani.