Together Online

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Together Online


MA project at Sandberg Design Department

Design & Code: Katharina Nejdl

Typeface: Ginto by Dinamo and TINY 5X3 by Velvetyne (Jack Fahnestock)

Photo documentation: Tommy Smits

The interactive website together-online.net explores notions of community in the digital space. In playful experiments made to be used together, the work raises questions such as: How to be together online? What platform mechanisms shape the way we interact? What shapes do we take digitally? What can’t be done alone?

The website is presented through a physical installation, a tête-à-tête chair in which you can sit and visit the website on your smartphone. The chair is a manifestation of the website – as you have to use it together with someone. The way you interact with the chair affects the other user, just as it does on the website.